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ETH Zurich

Chair of Cognitive Science

Dr. Tyler Thrash

RZ E 22.2

Clausiusstrasse 59

8092 Zürich


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Research Interests

My research interests can be divided into behavioral and technical aspects. On the behavioral side, I study spatial cognition and navigation from a largely ecological (i.e., Gibsonian) perspective. With this approach, I attempt to explain higher-level cognition (e.g., biases in spatial memory) in terms of lower-level, perceptual processes (e.g., visual exposure to environmental structure). Of course, some spatial representation is necessary for processes such as navigation, but I argue that these representations are somewhat incomplete and cannot explain spatial behavior in isolation. On the technical side, I develop simulations for interactive virtual environments and mathematical models for understanding human behavior. Both sets of methods allow for the relatively precise evaluation of theories in spatial cognition.

Curriculum Vitae

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Publications of Dr. Tyler Thrash

  • Moussaid, Mehdi, Kapadia, Mubbasir, Thrash, Tyler, Sumner, Robert W., Gross, Markus, Helbing, Dirk, Hölscher, Christoph, (2016). Crowd behaviour during high-stress evacuations in an immersive virtual environment. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 13, 122, 20160414
  • Schinazi, V., Thrash, T., & Chebat, D. (2016). Spatial navigation by congenitally blind individuals. WIREs Cognitive Science.
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  • Thrash, T., & Barisic, I. (2014). Spatiotemporal windows for fixation detection. Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Eye Tracking for Spatial Research.
  • Giannopoulos, I., Kiefer, P., Raubal, M., Richter, K. F., & Thrash, T. (2014). Wayfinding decision situations: A conceptual model and evaluation. Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Geographic Information Science.
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