Verena Schnitzler PhD Candidate / Research Associate

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ETH Zurich

Chair of Cognitive Science

Verena Schnitzler

RZ E 22.2

Clausiusstrasse 59

8092 Zürich


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PAPER: Schnitzler, V., Montello, D.R., & Hölscher, C. (under review).  Wayfinding in Multilevel Buildings with Navigation Assistance: Impact on Wayfinding and Spatial Learning. Journal of Environmental Psychology.

PAPER: Schnitzler, V., Barisic, I., & Hölscher, C. (2016). Indoor navigation with digital mobile maps: Map interactions, and influence on visual attention, spatial learning and wayfinding efficiency. Presented at the Spatial Cognition, Philadelphia, 8/2/ 2016 -8/5/ 2016.

PAPER: Schnitzler, V., Giannopoulos, I., Hölscher, C., & Barisic, I. (2016, March). The interplay of pedestrian navigation, wayfinding devices, and environmental features in indoor settings. In Proceedings of the ETRA; Ninth Biennial ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research & Applications (pp. 85-93). ACM.

TALK: Hölscher, C., Schnitzler, V., Ognjanovic, S., Thrash, T. & Barisic, I. (3/26/2015) Cognitive Science at ETH Zurich - cross-disciplinary interactions. Events der Fachgruppe Software Ergonomics / SwissCHI / SwissUPA

PAPER: Schnitzler, V. & Hölscher, C. (2014). How the design of a building and its indoor-maps influences users’ experiences during navigation. International Conference on Human Behavior in Design, Ascona, 10/14/ 2014 -10/17/ 2014.

POSTER: Schnitzler, V.; Hölscher, C. & Montello, D. (2014). Assessing how the usage of digital maps alters spatial learning and cognitive strategies of indoor wayfinders. Spatial Cognition, Bremen, 9/15/ 2014 -9/19/ 2014.

WORKSHOP CONTRIBUTION: Schnitzler, V. & Giannopoulos, I. (2014). Confusing buildings: a case study of Zürich’s main train station. Indoor wayfinding assistance, workshop at Spatial Cognition, Bremen, 9/14/2014.

POSTER: Schnitzler, V. (2013). Interacting with digital maps for indoor navigation. COGSCI, 35th annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Berlin, 7/31/2013 – 8/3/2013.

WORKSHOP PROCEEDING: Hölscher, C., Montello, D., & Schnitzler, V. (2013). Wayfinding Cognition & Mobile Maps for Indoor Settings. GeoHCI Geographic Human-Computer Interaction workshop at CHI 2013, ACM Conference on Computer-Human Interaction, Paris, France, 4/27/2013 – 5/2/2013.

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