Embodied Cognition

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Looking at the degree of embodiment in cognition and emotion naturally leads to the question how the mind works. What is the nature of human thoughts and emotions? How deeply are they dependent upon features of our physical body as an agent? Do the sensory and motor system play a physically constitutive role in conceptualizing thought and emotion? We will look at these questions by examining the degree of embodiment in basic thinking types of our mind (space, time, and causality thinking) as well as in abstract thought (e.g., logical thinking) and in emotion processing. As will be discussed, the topic of how the mind works is not only of central importance in the humanities (psychology, linguistics, philosophy, anthropology, education), but is also relevant for parts of the natural and technological sciences (physiology, neuroscience, medicine, computer science, artificial intelligence). Active participation is expected. Each participant can choose a topic for which they will give an oral presentation (about 30 min.) and write a related written report.


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