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Virtual Plasencia is a 3D walk-through model of a key portion of the 15th century, walled city of Plasencia (Spain). Within this digital world, we are revealing the lives and relationships of its Jewish, Catholic, and Muslim inhabitants. Through this virtual space, we aim to recreate the cooperative and challenging processes that emerged during this era of intercultural integration and violence in Spain and Europe. Our team is populating the 3D model with historical narratives that can be discerned by transcribing and evaluating census-like events from Book One (1399-1453) of the Capitulary Acts of the Cathedral of Plasencia (as well as other archival sources). Virtual Plasencia also serves as our test bed for the development of new virtual reality technology, including avatar creation, agent based modeling, and crowd navigation. For more information on Virtual Plasencia and the Revealing Cooperation and Conflict project, go to

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