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The main aim of the group is to introduce students from various disciplines to Cognitive Science / Cognitive Psychology and its applications to technology. All courses are offered as part of 'Science in Perspective' program. The professorship offers two core lectures.

“Introduction to Cognitive Science” provides an overview of Cognitive Science, its foundations and position between humanities, behavioral science and computer science. Starting from the central tenet that cognition can be conceptualized as information processing in both biological (human) and technical systems (artificial intelligence, robotics), we cover theoretical foundations, key empirical findings as well as the methodological breadth of this (cross-) discipline.

This is complemented by the “Applied Cognitive Science” lectures that focus on applications of behavioral research findings and methodology in designing and evaluating technical systems such as computer interface, digital devices and physical artifacts.

In addition, our group offers traditional as well as project-oriented seminars geared towards computer science and engineering students (human-computer interaction, human factors/ergonomics topics) as well as architectural design students (evidence-based design, building/urban usability).

Fall Semester Courses 2017

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